Architectural Acoustics

Whether you are an architect, landlord, developer, private investor, local authority, general engineering & design firm, or public works & civil engineering company, Sim Engineering offers you support and advice to resolve all the acoustic and vibration issues in your architectural project.

From ad-hoc input to comprehensive Project Management Support, we work with you throughout the project, providing ad-hoc or continuous support, depending on your needs and your project requirements:

Tender Stage
Site optimization and project definition including regulatory requirements, acoustic comfort, coordination with other trades, consistency with architectural constraints, and the building’s integration into its acoustic environment.

Initial acoustic diagnosis
Whether renovating or creating a new building, an initial acoustic diagnosis will accurately identify the particular environmental constraints of each project and the potential future acoustics of the renovated building so as to optimize the recommended solutions.

Design stages : PDS / DDS/ PRO (Preliminary Design Specifications / Detailed Design Specifications / Project). We help you throughout the various design stages to define the acoustic objectives and the means to achieve them, to be able to prepare the General Acoustics Notice (Notice Acoustique Générale) for your project. This also includes specifications per lot, to be included in the Tender Package (Dossier de Consultation des Entreprises / DCE).

Site supervision: EXE (Execution) and Sign-Off (VISA)
A building’s acoustic performance depends on the solutions and materials used by contractors and their proper implementation. Our execution supervision takes several forms: meetings, site visits, sign-off on acoustic documentation, site measurements, sample-based laboratory measurements, and more…

Monitoring of construction site nuisance
Whether through ad-hoc measurements or by setting up an ongoing Simulation-Monitoring (SIM-MONI) system (of acoustic and/or vibration nuisance), we can help you control your site’s environmental impact.

Acoustic Acceptance: Acceptance
At site Acceptance, we perform acoustic measurements to confirm compliance with the project’s internal and environmental acoustic specifications.


Project Management Support (PMS) and scheduling

We also provide Clients with our expertise in stage-planning, and support and advice during the design, construction and acceptance stages.

Corrective and compliance-upgrading studies

We also support you in resolving acoustic problems (internal acoustics, neighbourhood impact, insulation faults, equipment noise, etc…) to upgrade for regulatory compliance or to improve user comfort.

Areas of study

Our studies cover:

• Internal airborne noise abatement;
• Facade insulation ;
• Impact noise abatement ;
• Machinery & equipment noise levels;
• Acoustic impact on neighbourhood;
• Internal acoustics: reverberation, clarity, understandability, echo abatement,…
• Sound diffusion systems: audibility and understandability;
• Ventilation systems.

Fields of application

We support you in all types of projects:

• Music venues (concert halls, studios, conservatories, etc…);
• Residential buildings;
• Office buildings;
• Open plan and call centers;
• Academic and municipal facilities (media centers);
• Sports and leisure facilities (stadiums, arenas,…);
• Industrial buildings;
• and more…

Assurance of an eco-responsible project

We assess the regulatory compliance of your projects, and help you achieve the appropriate certification targets: HQE, Habitat & Environment, BREEAM, Qualitel, etc…

Etude acoustique du bâtiment Étude acoustique du bâtiment Étude acoustique du bâtiment