Industrial Acoustics

Our years of industrial experience and long-term partnerships with major French and international industrial groups, have given us the expertise to offer you the best solutions for integrating your industrial site into its environment and fully protecting your staff.

Environmental impact assessments

We carry out regulatory compliance assessments across the whole of France for Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE), production sites, storage sites, energy storage and transmission sites, and all other industrial sites governed by noise regulations.

Expert site reports

To control the noise impact of your industrial site and define an abatement programme prioritised by noise source, we carry out comprehensive acoustic studies of French and international industrial sites.

These studies have 3 stages:
• Initial acoustic diagnosis
Our team works onsite to:
• assess the noise impact on the neighbourhood ;
• create a sound map of the entire site ;
• characterise all existing noise sources.

• Site modelling
Based on 3D modelling using the acoustic diagnosis and the data provided by the client, the site model incorporates all the identified noise sources, the onsite and neighbouring buildings, existing noise abatement measures, the type of ground cover, topography, etc… This modelling allows us to recalculate noise levels over the entire site and the neighbourhood.

• Prioritisation of sources and definition of an abatement plan
The results of the 3D modelling allow us to prioritise the sources at every point of the study, particularly in the neighbourhood, to determine an abatement plan.
This abatement plan is then modelled to confirm the benefit gained, and the future compliance of the site.

• Additional
• Once the model is completed, it can be updated as and when the plan is implemented or facilities are modified.
• It can also be used to estimate the acoustic impact of the installation of new equipment or any other modification at the site.
• We have also developed a software application, SIM-CEGA, that integrates all sound sources at the site. This application provided to the client allows an abatement solution to be defined for each sound source and changes in predicted impact at any point of the study.
You thus have full control of organising your abatement plan and of making it scalable over time.

Ad-hoc corrective actions

We also intervene on an ad-hoc basis to resolve an internal onsite acoustic issue (indoor or outdoor) or a neighbourhood compliance problem.
To do so, we use our expertise and equipment, in particular two acoustic cameras {insert link} to identify the main noise sources.

Important: Depending on the location, layout and complexity of the site, ad-hoc actions may be too limited in scope (particularly if there are a large number of noise sources and exposed neighbours). A comprehensive assessment may prove necessary.

Industrial site design studies

We also work with the general contractor during the design stages for new construction sites or industrial buildings.
Based on the plans and the characteristics of the equipment to be used, we carry out acoustic studies inside and outside buildings to estimate the sound levels generated onsite and in the neighbourhood and thus their compliance with the Client’s specifications and regulatory requirements.
If necessary, an abatement plan is defined to ensure the future site’s compliance.

Support tailored to your needs

To perfectly meet your expectations, we offer three different types of support:

* PMS: Project Management Support


Employee exposure

Employee exposure to noise and vibration are governed by regulations.

We produce sound maps, and sound and vibration exposure maps to give you an accurate understanding of the environment in which the operators work.

If appropriate, we prepare a set of preventive and corrective action plans to ensure the safety and comfort of workers.


Continuous monitoring

We have developed our own noise and vibration exposure monitoring system: SIM-MONI.

It is a real-time monitoring system with a dedicated web interface, connected to mobile or fixed sensors.


MASE and other certifications

Sim Engineering has been MASE certified (Manuel d’Amélioration de la Sécurité en Entreprise) recognising its enterprise safety measures since 2009.

Our staff are also certified for:

  • chemical risks SEVESO (N2),
  • electrical risks (H1B1v or H0B0v)
  • gas facilities (OPPBTP)
  • work in ATEX zones, work at height, work in CMR zones
  • PDP sign-off