Laboratory Testing

We have a laboratory with an anechoic room and a reverberation room for carrying out acoustic tests. These tests allow us to characterise the insulation, acoustic absorption and aerodynamics of mockups.

Acoustics professionals often ask us to assess the acoustic properties of their products and to recommend appropriate improvement solutions. Our laboratory also allows us to calibrate our digital models and predictive tools and to build databases of the acoustic properties of various materials.

Noise Reduction and Insertion Loss measurements

We use Noise Reduction and Insertion Loss tests to quantify and optimise the acoustic performance of industrial sound baffles.

Sound insulation measurements

By linking our anechoic and reverberation rooms we also quantify the airborne sound insulation ratings of various structures such as acoustic doors.

Acoustic imaging measurements

Using various acoustic antennas, we can accurately locate (in space and frequency) acoustically weak spots.

Absorption coefficient measurements

Depending on the type of sample (small or large) and the applicable standards, we use either our reverberation room or our Kundt (impedance) tube to determine the absorption coefficients of sound-absorbing panels, perforated ceilings, specific materials, etc…

Mockups, design and aerodynamic optimisation

We are able to design and optimise structures used for various fluid flows (industrial smokestacks, burners, aero, ventilation systems,…) These scale models with sensors attached allow us to study the aerodynamics and acoustics of systems, and optimise velocity profiles and abatement measures.