Industrial and Building Vibration

Vibration assessment & control requires measurement and calculation tools that can address these problems effectively. In a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, building construction, civil engineering, and transportation, our role is to ensure user comfort, employee safety, and the safety of buildings and structures that are subject to potentially damaging vibration.

Vibration Exposure measurements

In industrial environments, we are often asked to carry out measurement campaigns to assess employee exposure to vibrations to ensure that they comply with regulations.

These measurement campaigns allow us to recommend abatement solutions to reduce vibrations, enhance employee comfort and meet regulatory limits.

Measurement of environmental vibration

Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE), building renovation or construction sites, and public transport sites, can cause vibrations harmful to the environment. In such cases, we also measure the vibrations caused to assess their criticality to the environment and to recommend solutions for improvement.

Vibration monitoring/surveillance

We use our acoustic and vibration monitoring stations (developed in-house) to help the Client oversee their site. Our ability to continuously monitor vibration frequency and amplitude in real time, of all vibrations caused by a site, allows us to define abatement measures to meet regulatory requirements.

Vibra-acoustic measurements and studies

To define abatement solutions for structure-born noise or excessive vibration, we quantify the vibration sources, vibra-acoustic and vibration transfers, and how the various structures respond. We incorporate these findings into our calculation models to recommend vibration damping solutions (to modify vibration behaviour, structural response, etc…)