Industrial Acoustic and Vibration Monitoring

“Take charge of your acoustic environmental impact”


To meet increasingly stringent requirements to control, locate and identify environmental noise, SIM ENGINEERING offers you the ability to manage your own acoustic impact by characterising it continuously, ensuring your abatement measures can be tracked.


Environmental noise monitoring can be used to build a noise database in real-tine. By analysing that data to understand noise impacts, an action plan can be produced to reduce nuisance.


Our Monitoring system includes multiple functions and is evolutionary:


  • A range of regulatory noise-level, and meteorological measurements.
  • Spectral analyses.
  • Event metering.
  • Customisable website including real-time noise monitoring, access to measurement data and reports.
  • Alerts by SMS, email, etc…, triggered by configurable noise thresholds.
  • Audio recordings triggered by configurable noise thresholds along with event recognition.
  • Event location.
  • Remote control of sensors.