Onsite acoustic and vibration monitoring

The objective of our Monitoring is to ensure that noise and vibration levels comply with the “acoustic specifications for site noise and vibration management”.


As well as the standard functionalities of acoustic and vibration monitoring stations, our SIM-Moni® station includes additional functionalities and possibilities, specifically


  • REAL-TIME reporting: Measurements are taken every second and sent instantly to a server and a dedicated website. The time lag is approximately one minute. Noise level issues are identifiable immediately! The website is private and requires a login for access.


  • PREVENTION: When the noise level exceeds a jointly agreed threshold, our station can send an SMS to the services concerned (site manager, general contractor, contractor working at the site, etc…) or to any person you have identified. This prevention may be graduated (several alert levels), each message indicating the station concerned and the noise level. This ensures that the peace and quiet of local residents are taken into account.


  • SMART: When a jointly-agreed noise threshold is exceeded, our station automatically records the noise, and if it is present in our database identifies the sound (jackhammer, crane, horn, reversing beeps, siren, etc.). If the sound is not identified, we parameter it and enter it into our database so it can be identified later. You can clearly hear the recorded noise via the website available to you.


  • INTERACTIVE: Persons that you have designated (site manager, site contractor, local residents, etc…) are given a number to call for the station concerned, which lets them send a “NOISE” SMS which automatically starts recording the audio. This ensures in the case of a problem or simply for prevention purposes that you have audio information.



The acoustic monitoring system can be coupled with a vibration monitoring system. This involves installing instrumentation to continuously monitor the vibration levels generated by the work. It is fitted with  triaxial vibration sensors.


Trigger thresholds are programmed for vibration the same way as for noise. The device continuously monitors the vibration sensor readings.


As soon as joint noise and vibration sensors are exceeded, the alert system is triggered which:

  • begins recording the noise,
  • sends SMS messages.