API 618 Pre-Check of Pulsation Dampeners

Reciprocating compressor Pulsation & Vibration Analyses


API 618 Pre-Check of Pulsation Dampeners


Why: To permit pulsation dampeners to be manufactured while the piping lines are still unknown or information not yet available for the purpose of API 618 analysis.


When: Once compressor characteristics and process conditions have been defined, the preliminary check of the pulsation dampeners can be carried out.


How: A plane wave acoustical model of the compressor, valve assembly and pulsation dampener is calculated for an endless pipe configuration. Throughout the analysis the following aspects are reviewed and, when required, a design optimisation is recommended:

  • Pressure pulsations at cylinder flange
  • Pressure pulsations at line side flange
  • Pressure drops & compressor performance
  • Unbalanced forces
  • Compressor valves


Pulsation dampener design can then be completed preventing unexpected costs and delays later in the project.