API 618 is a standard published by the American Petroleum Institute.


The API 618 covers the minimum requirements for reciprocating compressors for use in oil, chemical, and gas industry services and for process gas at any pressure, or for air with gauge pressure more than 9 bar.


The compressors covered by the API 618 are low to moderate speeds (typically between 300 and 750 rpm).


The 618 API also covers lubrication systems, controls, instrumentation, heat exchangers, pulsation suppression devices, and other auxiliary equipment.

Modélisation 3d d'un ballon anti pulsatoire sim engineering 


The API 618 Paragraph 7.9: Pulsation and Vibration Control


The paragraph 7.9 of the API 618 covers the calculation and design requirements to avoid problems mainly related to vibration, performance, and reliability of the reciprocating compressor, gas piping, as well as customer’s equipment.


The pulsation and vibration studies proposed by SIM Engineering meet the calculation and design requirements stated in the paragraph 7.9 of the API 618.