Simulation and Study : Roots & API 619 Screw Compressors

Sumulation and Study : Roots & API 619 Screw Compressors

Wet or dry screw compressors generate high pulsations at discharge, and Roots at suction and discharge, which have a direct effect on vibrations of:

  • the compressor,
  • the main piping, silencer, and oil separator,
  • small bore piping and instrumentation.

And have a direct effect on the noise radiated by the silencer and the main piping.


Pulsation, Acoustical & Mechanical studies

Design of silencer, restriction orifice, quarter wave length resonator…

Optimisation of the piping network

Analysis of coupling between: pulsation – acoustic response – vibration response

Design of the noise insulation

Troubleshooting of the problems encountered at site (Noise, pulsation & vibration measurements)



Roots Blower, Booster & Vacuum Pump

The so characteristic noise of Roots blower is generated by the sudden pressure change, each time a chamber (which is at the upstream pressure) is opening to the downstream network.

Screw Compressor (API 619)

The flow is not steady but moves in a series of flow pulses at frequencies multiples of male rotor lobes number.


3D Acoustic & Structural design


Calculated Transmission Loss


Measured Pressure Pulsations